book-coverSelling Simplified: 55 Fast Tips to Jump-start Your Real Estate Business, by real estate expert Michelle Moore, shares proven and factual tips, tools, and techniques to ensure your business is the best it can be. If you are needing help getting these tips and tools implemented and working for you, want more details, or have questions, Selling Simplified’s 55-week Coaching Program is for you!

The coaching program includes checklists, scripts, and talking points so you’ll learn a skill and learn how to apply it, step-by-step. Selling Simplified’s Coaching Program works!

Selling Simplified’s 55-week Coaching Program Includes:

  • Weekly STEP-BY-STEP EMAILS with checklists, scripts, talking points, and MUCH more
  • Five BONUS Fast Tips to Jump-start Your Real Estate Business
  • Four BONUS “Rookie Time” Downloadable Mp3s
  • FREE Report on “Taking Your Business Even Higher: Seven Steps to Getting Builder Business”
  • E-mail SUPPORT for questions about your specific business needs
  • And much more!


By the Completion of This Comprehensive 55-week Coaching Program, You Will:

  • Feel confident and competent by implementing concepts of success, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and be in the habit of building positive self-esteem (Fast Tip 2)
  • Have a powerful, long-term strategic business plan in full effect (Fast Tip 4)
  • Know what it’s like to achieve your goals (Fast Tip 6)
  • Effectively generate new leads through sources never used before (Fast Tip 8)
  • Experience explosive growth through managing incoming leads (Fast Tip 9)
  • Feel less stress as you produce more by implementing efficient time-management techniques that enable you to working smarter, not harder (Fast Tips 11 and 23)
  • Instantly build rapport and trust with buyers and sellers by understanding the four temperament styles, and know yours for personal growth and to understand and adapt to your clients’ styles (Fast Tip 30)
  • Have the tools to become a better listener (Fast Tip 32)
  • Close more deals by honing your closing skills (Fast Tip 44)
  • Have more balance in your life with effective time-management skills (Fast Tip 54)
  • And much, much more!


“I am happy to report my business is back on track and thriving. I am now helping many buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. I will be forever thankful to Michelle for agreeing to coach me through one of the toughest times of my real estate career.”

Jane McCracken, Keller Williams Realty

Incredible News!

Bronze Award WEB“Congratulations Michelle Moore! Selling Simplified is the Bronze Medal Winner in our 2013 International Book Contest for the Non fiction – Business/Finance category.”

Readers’ Favorite, September 2013



Book Review:  5stars

Five Star WEB“The book is filled with testimonials and self-promotional asides, yet there is a constructive lesson here too. She uses these to authenticate the value of what she is communicating and to “build the dream” for her readers, but she encourages them to do the same with their buyers. Finally, she reminds her readers to be balanced and have fun, emphasizing that they will only be successful in the long run if they make the job of selling real estate an integral part of a fulfilling life. I have read a number of books meant to introduce new real estate agents into the basics of selling. This is clearly the best.”

Reviewed by JP Bary for Readers’ Favorite


“There are only three ways you can be in real estate sales: part-time, full-time, or big-time. If you are part-time or full-time, don’t waste your time unless you have a burning desire to be big-time. To be big-time, you must excel in all of the critical aspects associated with consistently high-producing pros. That’s what will distinguish you from the competition. In Selling Simplified, Michelle Moore, a big-time pro, shares a step-by-step blueprint that is chock-full of wisdom, proven and factual tips, tools, and techniques she has learned from her real-world experiences. The beauty is that they can be implemented immediately and mastered over time. This book is a must-read and must-do for any agent looking to reach optimum performance consistently, regardless of market conditions.”

Bob Schultz, One of the 50 Most Influential People

in Home Building – Builder Magazine

Contest Finalist

FinalistWEBCongratulations! It was an extremely competitive year and your selection was hard earned. You are now authorized to let others know you are a Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist.

Readers’ Favorite, July 2013


Ask yourself these questions:book-cover

  • Do you speak life into yourself and your business every day?
  • Do you know your numbers from the past two years of business?
  • Do you have a concise business plan with measureable results? This includes the number of listings you need to obtain and amount of money you should invest during any given month, conversion rates, and profitability.
  • Do you have effective and efficient systems in place for all areas of your business? If so, do you systematically use those systems?
  • Are you organized?
  • Do you have strong time-management skills?
  • Do you know the sales process?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, Selling Simplified’s 55-week Coaching Program is for you!